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Altruous has a podcast! As part of our commitment to the people and organizations tackling the most important social challenges in the world today, Altruous is the title sponsor of the Cause & Purpose Podcast.

Cause & Purpose features frank and candid conversations with social impact leaders around the world. The show explores the lives and inspirations, career ups and downs, stories from the field, and lessons learned from a wide array of impact leaders - some of whom are actively involved with Altruous today. It’s an opportunity to introduce you to some amazing folks who you might not know about otherwise. Many of the guests are largely unknown, working behind the scenes in their various cause areas, but all have compelling personal backgrounds and some amazing stories to tell. Most of all it’s an opportunity for us to learn, and “up our own game,” as we apply those learnings in our goals, ethos, and operations here at Altruous.

One of our favorite things about the show is the forum it provides to have no-nonsense conversations about the impact space. Everything you’ll hear is unfiltered content, straight from the people doing the hard work of social impact day-to-day.

Season 1 featured some incredible conversations, and season 2 promises to be even stronger. Shalini Vajjhala kicks things off - she’s the founder and CEO of re:focus partners and PRE Collective, and is the true embodiment of inclusive stakeholdership and long-term thinking. Much of the work she does revolves around infrastructure planning that will prepare cities and regions for proactive disaster mitigation, and building resiliency for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Listen to Shalini’s Episode

Later in the season, we’ll hear from Jake Wood, founder of Team Rubicon and Groundswell, Clara Rowe from, Derrick Feldmann from ISG Research Advisors, The Skoll Center at Oxford University, and the Ad Council, and many others.

We’ll be releasing episodes every two weeks through the end of 2023, so stay tuned for more!

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The Altruous Team

The Altruous Team


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