Meet Altruous

Meet Altruous.

We are a diverse team of social impact leaders dedicated to pushing the sector forward and solving the most important challenges of our time. Learn more about our approach below.

Mike Spear

Mike Spear

Co-Founder & CEO

Mike Spear is a social entrepreneur, content creator, and social impact strategist. He’s the host and producer of the Cause & Purpose Podcast, founder of and Before launching Altruous, Mike was part of the founding team at, where he helped raise more than $5 Billion for social impact causes, en route to a successful acquisition by GoFundMe. Before that, he spent several years as a journalist and filmmaker, and holds a master’s degree in journalism from NYU.

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Eric Barela, Ph.D.

Eric Barela, Ph.D.

Evaluation Advisor

Eric Barela is a social impact measurement pro who believes that when organizations understand and act on their impact, they can maximize the good they do. Eric has over two decades of experience building and maintaining impact measurement systems in both the nonprofit and technology sectors. Prior to Altruous, Eric headed evaluation efforts at

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Evaluation Philosophy

The worst-kept secret in the social sector is that the way most people evaluate nonprofit success is totally backwards and wrong. It’s nearly impossible for impact-minded funders to discover investment-worthy programs in the cause areas and regions they care about most. A fixation on overhead clouds an already confusing marketplace, and so much of the conversation devolves quickly into finger pointing rather than leading with curiosity, common sense, sensitivity to nuance, and big-picture thinking.
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