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When Is a Donation Not a Donation?

Because of this need for significant financial backing, grant funding and major gifts play important roles in any organization’s long-term growth strategy. What’s often lost in that conversation, though, is that major gifts and grant funding often come at a significant cost to the organization. Sometimes, these funding opportunities are actually more trouble than they’re worth, or worse yet, can be detrimental to the organization’s mission.

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High Integrity Philanthropy: A Common Sense Approach to Maximizing Your Impact

As CEO and Founder of Altruous, I’ve put a lot of thought into keeping this core ideal in active practice and preventing it from fading into a background assumption. Lately, as we’ve explored new ways to introduce our ideas and our product to the public, I’ve been reflecting on what integrity means and how it relates to our stakeholders across the social impact sector.

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The Revolution is Here: The Unstoppable Transformation of Modern Philanthropy

Revolutionizing Philanthropy. To say that philanthropy has been in flux over the past 20 years is an understatement. Seemingly countless cultural and technological advancements have converged to dramatically transform how philanthropic dollars are exchanged and allocated.

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Expected Value, and the Impact of Making Intelligent Choices in an Uncertain World

If we’re serious about impact; if we’re serious about solving problems, and leaving the world better off than we found it, then we have to learn to embrace uncertainty, and invest heavily in the solutions with the highest expected value, regardless of near-term fluctuations. It’s about building great systems and supporting them, while continuing to learn and improve, and being resourceful enough to weather temporary setbacks.

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Introducing Cause & Purpose

Altruous has a podcast! As part of our commitment to the people and organizations tackling the most important social challenges in the world today, Altruous is the title sponsor of the Cause & Purpose Podcast.

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Evaluating Impact: Beware the Vanity Metric

Not all impact is created equal, and if you’re not well-versed in nonprofit measurement & evaluation (M&E) practices, it can be hard to tell the difference. Without a strong background, or internal resources to invest in quality M&E...

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Evaluating Impact: Metrics that Matter

Evaluating the quality of the impact social good organizations are claiming to create can be challenging. If you’re not an expert in their chosen cause area or region of the world, and if you’re not familiar with the needs and cultural dynamics of the clients they serve, it can be hard to know where to start. For philanthropists, funders, and the teams that support them, we’re going to go ahead and let you off the hook a little bit – frankly, it’s not your job to know!

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Why Altruous

I’ve pursued a career in monitoring & evaluation (M&E). I became a program evaluator because I believe knowledge is power. If we have the right evidence, we can make better decisions. We can also better advocate for those who might not be at the decision-making table.

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Why Altruous

I’m one of the lucky ones. I grew up in a stable and loving middle-class household, in the idyllic suburbs of sunny San Diego. Mom was an artist and advertising executive, turned full-time homemaker. Dad was a well-respected lawyer and entrepreneur in his own right. While I sensed that money was (at times) tight, safety was never an issue. My sister and I were well-supported. Safety, security, access to healthy food, education, entertainment, nature, and sports was never an issue. For all intents and purposes, we wanted for nothing. We were the lucky ones...

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7 Ways to Improve Big Philanthropy

One of the biggest problems with large-scale philanthropy - billionaires & family offices, community foundations, and DAFs, etc. - is that the incentives for grants and major gifts are often misaligned with the needs of the impact-generating organizations they’re supposed to support. All of these entities can reap financial and reputational rewards long before their funds are actually deployed to nonprofit organizations, let alone put to work in the field.

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