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The challenges we face as a global community are more urgent and complex than ever before. To solve these issues and make meaningful social progress, innovative nonprofit organizations must play an essential role.

Yet most funders – foundations, family offices, and corporate social responsibility programs – typically lack the resources they need to make informed, high-impact decisions with their philanthropy. Many rely on antiquated frameworks centered around overhead rather than impact, and their new program discovery tools are inefficient at best.

Altruous cuts through the noise to match funders with high-impact programs that resonate with their mission and provides the necessary data analysis to empower informed decision-making. Together, we can fund what matters and drive meaningful social progress.

Altruous Is Built for Funders Who Want to Drive Significant Impact

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Philanthropists & Family Offices

Effectively deploying funding takes time and expertise. Altruous can help you reach your philanthropic goals efficiently, and with maximum impact.

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A primary challenge foundations face is discovering worthy new programs. With more than 90% of grants being renewed for the same organizations year after year, promising new programs haven't had a fighting chance – until now.

Go beyond basic, and become an innovative leader in the cause areas that matter most to your foundation.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Many CSR programs have trouble avoiding greenwashing, and ESG frameworks are often little more than risk mitigation.

Become a leader in your field and start funding programs that move the needle in the areas most aligned with your brand.

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Altruous primarily evaluates US-based nonprofit organizations, but their programs, and the amazing people who fund them, are located, cities, towns, and rural areas all over the world.

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