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Impact is a team sport. We believe that when it comes to positive social impact, it takes a diverse community of stakeholders to make real headway. Altruous is a first-of-its-kind impact marketplace where funders of all kinds explore, discover, and fund the top programs in the cause areas and regions of the world they care about most.

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Philanthropists & Family Offices

Effectively deploying philanthropic funding takes time and expertise. See how Altruous can help you meet your philanthropic goals efficiently, and with maximum impact.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Many CSR programs have trouble avoiding greenwashing, and ESG is often little more than risk mitigation.

Become a leader in your field and start funding programs that move the needle in the areas most aligned with your brand.

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The way most foundations operate today leads to the overfunding of legacy programs, while some of the most promising new initiatives die on the vine.

Let Altruous' program discovery tools unlock innovation in your grant making.

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Reach progressive new funders, with your best foot forward. Altruous evaluates your programs based on merit, and the quantitative and qualitative impact of your work.

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Impact Evaluators

Altruous is a meritocracy that rewards rigorous monitoring and evaluation practices, and values both quantitative and qualitative evaluation data. We rely on a community of M&E professionals to contribute their knowledge and expertise to keep our profiles up to date.

Find out how you can help reshape philanthropy, build your brand, and be rewarded for your great work.

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