Infuse Innovation Into your Portfolio.

Fund What Really Matters.

Discover and fund the most impactful programs in your cause area and region.

Infuse Innovation Into Your Portfolio

Foundations have a creativity problem. With grant renewal rates over 90% year after year, legacy organizations continue to be over-funded, while more promising, innovative solutions are starved of the resources they need to be successful. This cycle preserves the status quo while standing in the way of real progress in many crucial cause areas.

Simplified Program Discovery

Altruous helps foundations expand their options by proactively recommending high-impact programs that align with their unique funding criteria. Your next great grantee could be only a few seconds away!

Unprecedented Efficiency

Our platform provides expert analysis and raw data foundations and their program staff needs to fully-vet prospective grantees, and the facilitates the process of gathering additional info.  

Realtime Transparency & Accountability

Stop chasing grantees to ensure accountability. This creates unnecessary stress and inefficiencies for both you, and the organizations you support. Altruous creates a continuous feedback loop, where organizations are incentivized to keep their impact data up-to-date, your team always has the latest information about your philanthropic portfolio at your fingertips.

Stop operating in the dark. Illuminate your impact.

Altruous makes the discovery of innovative, high-impact programs in your areas simple and efficient. We give you a head start on research and the accountability your team needs to operate with surgical precision and laser focus.
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