By Evaluators, For Evaluators.

By M&E Pros, For M&E Pros.

Revolutionizing philanthropy demands a full-community effort, and nobody understands impact better than the measurement and evaluation professionals asking the important questions and doing the deep research and analysis required to understand the effectiveness of social good programs. Join Altruous, as we work to bring impact back into the conversation, and elevate the impact programs making the biggest difference in their communities.

Context Matters.

Impact evaluation is HARD. It demands research and analytical skills, as well as deep critical thinking and creativity. It requires us to ask the right questions, and seek out long-term impacts as well as unintended negative consequences. And, as we all know, impact metrics are meaningless, without the cultural, environmental, and practical context in which they operate.

The cost-per-outcome "race to the bottom" ignores these facts, and has shifted philanthropy towards superficial evaluations and a transactional mindset.

Join Altruous as we shift the state of philanthropy towards metrics that matter, and elevate deep and lasting impact, rather than superficial evaluations, riddled with vanity metrics.

Build an Impact Meritocracy.

In a just and equitable world, social impact organizations would be evaluated and funded according to the quality, depth, and durability of their impact. Those doing the best work in the most important cause areas would be elevated, while those resting with weak M&E practices, misaligned programs, or toxic cultures would receive the critical feedback they need to help them improve. Join Altruous in building an impact meritocracy, where recognition and funding flows to the most effective organizations, doing the best work, in the most important cause areas and regions of the world.

Elevate the Organizations Doing the Best Work.

Whether you're an independent evaluator, or doing M&E work internally at an organization, you deserve an opportunity to help them raise awareness around their work. Collaborate with Altruous to put your valuable M&E work in front of philanthropists, foundations, and corporations eager to help you scale your organizations' impact.

Get the Recognition you Deserve.

M&E leaders are some of the most undervalued and under-appreciated professionals in the impact sector. It's often viewed as a luxury - the last role to be filled, and the first to be cut when budgets get tight. Yet, it's some of the most important work being done in the social sector today. Join Altruous, as a Measurement & Evaluation Partner, and start getting the recognition your work deserves.

Elevate your Organizations, while Getting Paid.

We believe in rewarding great work, especially in the social sector. Become an Altruous partner, and earn money and awareness for your causes every time you provide M&E data that makes it onto the platform.

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