Build a Legacy That Lasts.

Modernize your Giving

Modernize your philanthropy to ensure your legacy stands the test of time.

Today's Philanthropy Is All About Integrity

For generations, philanthropists were praised for the act of giving itself.  Their charitable contributions were seen as noble and selfless acts, without regard for the long-term impact of those gifts.

In an age with unprecedented access to information, advanced analytics tools, and an increased understanding of what it takes to really move the needle on complex social challenges, modern philanthropy demands more.

Introducing Altruous, a modern impact management platform with a revolutionary approach to philanthropy that helps individual and family foundations identify and fund high-impact programs that align with their missions more efficiently than ever before.

Personalization That Drives Efficiency

You and your team are busy. With competing demands on your time and increasingly complex social challenges, even the best program officers and most committed philanthropists need assistance understanding the nuances of an organization's impact or the magnitude of their future potential. You can't be expected to know all the latest, most innovative social impact programs out there.

That's where Altruous steps in. We conduct thorough measurement and evaluation of nonprofit programs while analyzing their impact in the context of the broader issue area – giving you the best possible starting point for our research.

Our platform proactively recommends fully vetted, high-impact programs that align with your mission, so you and your team can focus on making the best choices for your unique philanthropic goals without needing to dedicate more time to the process.

Easy to Understand Expert Analysis

With millions of social good organizations to choose from and incredible amounts of information available, it's easy to lose signal in the noise. Altruous cuts through the chatter by communicating our robust analyses in simple, easy-to-understand ways and providing access to the raw data you need to validate your choices.

Insulation From Risk

The fear of inadvertently tarnishing one’s legacy by funding less-than-impactful (or worse, harmful) programs is real. By working with Altruous, you ensure your philanthropic dollars not only drive impact but also support organizations with the best business practices and cultural standards around.

Real Time Transparency and Accountability

Stop chasing organizations to ensure accountability. This creates unnecessary stress and inefficiencies for you and the organizations you support. By building a continuous feedback loop that incentivizes organizations to deliver up-to-date impact data, your team always has the latest information about your philanthropic portfolio at your fingertips.

Your causes can't wait. Neither should you.

Altruous is a team of passionate industry leaders, who care deeply about the people and causes we represent. We're in it with you every step of the way. Let's start the conversation about helping you create the change you want to see in the world.

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